About Bronwyn

All of us have can attest to the life experience of having been ‘thrown a curve ball’, ranging from a ‘bump on the road’ to full out ‘holy smokes, what just happened?!” In addressing these issues, Bronwyn has a warm and pragmatic approach that assists clients to pro-actively move forward from self-limiting patterns of behaviours and helps clients to process challenging life events using recognized therapeutic interventions. The scope of these issues includes anxiety, depression, grief, unresolved childhood concerns, addiction, and trauma. She puts clients at ease by assuring them of a safe, non-judgmental environment where their concerns are addressed with compassion and respect. Aware that clients are tired of feeling ‘stuck’, Bronwyn works collaboratively with her clients to formulate goals and strategies for real change.

Bronwyn has an authentic and responsive style that encourages growth and development for the individual as well as within the context of intimate relationships, separation and divorce and parenting concerns. She is trained to facilitate parenting groups (STEP) and provide personalized parenting coaching. Bronwyn’s background includes presentations, workshops and experience working with children, adolescents, families and adults. As a working mother Bronwyn is particularly tuned in to the challenges of balancing parenting, career and personal life.