What To Expect

Whether you are apprehensive or excited at the prospect of coming to counselling to explore an issue that has been bothering you, it is always helpful to have a sense of what to expect.

Our first contact will likely be via phone or email; after a brief chat, if you decide you are interested in exploring counselling, we will set up a time to meet.

At our first session, I will want to hear how it has been for you, what you would like to be different and how I can help get you there. Other areas to explore would be around what is happening for you now that has prompted you to reach out, what symptoms are you experiencing and for how long. And a theme throughout all of our sessions will be an open invitation for you to ask questions and clarification on any topic. It is an overarching priority that I get to know you so that the therapeutic approach is collaboratively created and designed to be the most helpful to you. In addition, at our first session, I will go over an informed consent with you so that you are aware of all of your rights as a consumer of counselling services. Informed consent is a living thing, and so if you have any questions at any juncture, please brings your concerns up so that they can be addressed.

Embarking on counselling can feel both hopeful and daunting. I work with my clients to ensure that the pace and course of interventions reflects where you are at even as I provide clinical assessment and support. Counselling is truly a collaborative process.

What to expect:

  • We will meet at my office, where my first priority will be to get to know you and you me, so that we can collaboratively work to create a plan to have things feeling better
  • Each session will be 50 minutes unless we find that we need more time, in which case we will discuss booking a 80 minute session
  • Each session I will check in with you to see where you are, what changes have happened for you and where we need to go next
  • At any juncture you are free to request a referral or discontinue counselling
  • I invite an open conversation with my clients, encouraging questions and feedback and recognize that you are the expert in your life