All of us can attest to the life experience of having been ‘thrown a curve ball’, ranging from a ‘bump on the road’ to full out ‘holy smokes, what just happened?!’ In addressing these issues, Bronwyn has a warm and pragmatic approach that assists clients to pro-actively move forward from self-limiting patterns of behaviours and helps clients to process challenging life events using recognized therapeutic interventions.

More About Bronwyn

Counselling Services

Bronwyn offers counselling services on a range of counselling concerns with individuals and couples.

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Therapeutic Approaches

With multiple therapeutic approaches and interventions to draw on, Bronwyn works collaboratively with each of her clients to assist them in whatever area is of concern to them.

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What To Expect

Whether you are apprehensive or excited at the prospect of coming to counselling to explore an issue that has been bothering you, it is always helpful to have a sense of what to expect.

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